Arachne Katipa Webb (b. July 29 1974) is a muggleborn witch. She works as a seamstress in Diagon Alley.


Early Years

Arachne was born to Roka and Octavian Webb, a muggle couple with absolutely no knowledge of the magical world. As such, they were bewildered when, at eight months of age, their daughter began exhibiting her first signs of magic by calling spiders to her crib. Her parents were horrified to discover a massive spiderweb appearing overnight on their infant daughter's mobile.

As muggles, they did not realize that their daughter was exhibiting her first signs of magic and had called the spiders to her, and promptly disposed of the mobile. Throughout her first decade of life, Arachne's room would always be full of spiders, almost as though the arachnids were drawn to her. The girl was never afraid of them, and even seemed intrigued by them. Periodically, her spiders created unusual webs in her room, which Arachne claimed had been made by her bidding. Her parents put this down to her having a wild imagination and a fascination with spiders - until her eleventh birthday, when she received her Hogwarts letter.

School Years

At age eleven, Arachne began attending Hogwarts school, where she met and became friends with fellow Ravenclaw Minerva Kyvern. Despite her muggle upbringing, or perhaps because of it, Arachne was an eager student who excelled in many areas.

Unfortunately, during her fifth year at Hogwarts, the OWLs would provide a catalyst that would bring a tragic end to Arachne and Minerva's friendship. Minerva, whose pride was smarting from poorer than expected OWL results, was less than appreciative of Arachne's remarks about having scored higher than a pureblood. Upset about the turnout and annoyed by Arachne's boasting, Minerva turned her wand on her friend and transfigured her into a spider.

Had the damage been undone shortly after, the friendship might have been repaired, but it took three weeks before Arachne was found and transfigured back into a human. By that time, the friendship was damaged well beyond repair.

Personality and Traits

Brilliant student. Less than tactful at times. Can be arrogant. Excitable.

Magical Abilities and Skills

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  • Animagus: Arachne can transfigure herself into a Mediterranean Black Widow Spider.
  • Legilimens: Arachne is a very skilled user of legilimens.


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Arachne is a Greek name meaning 'weaver', which is her name in the canon. Katipa is a variant of Katipo, the Greek name for black widow spiders. Webb is an occupational name meaning 'weaver', which is what spiders are as well as Arachne's canon occupation.



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