Charity Amorette Kyvern (b. November 24 1998) is a pureblooded witch and the second youngest daughter of Venera Kyvern and her brother-in-law, Ares Kyvern, as well as the twin sister of Dawn Kyvern. Although most of the family suspects her true parentage, Vulcan Kyvern is considered to be her father, especially in the eyes of the public. She is the younger sister of Echo and Eris.


Stuff that happened in her life.

Personality and Traits

Charity is a sweetheart who is willing to put the needs and desires of others above her own.

Magical Abilities and Skills

Charity can do things

  • Love Potions: Charity is a talented potion maker and has a particular talent for love potions.




Charity and Amorette provide the initials C.A. from her canon name. Charity means. Amorette is a French name meaning love. Kyvern is a variant of the greek word 'kyvernitis' meaning ruler.


  • Charity has a crush on Dexter.


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