Cleon Pericles Kyvern (b. September 9 1968) is a pureblooded wizard and the eldest son of Jovianus and Juno Kyvern. He is the elder brother of Mercutio, Cronus, Minerva, Vulcan, Adrian, Neptune, Helios and Selena.


Cleon was possibly married to Abacus Cinch in his youth when he was a huge success in quidditch, but his wife and two daughters have since become estranged. Abacus took both Astranova and Sunny Flare to France with her when she took a position as a teacher at Beauxbatons. Cleon eventually found his wife and two daughters, but Abacus told him that they didn't need a loser for a fatherly figure. From her debate skills and somewhat intimidating demeanor, Abacus was able to convince her 'loser' of a husband not to provide what she considered a negative role model for her daughters. Cleon still sends them cards and gifts for each holiday.

Personality and Traits

Somewhat dimwitted, although he does acknowledge the value of intelligence. Proud of his accomplishments from his glory days.

Magical Abilities and Skills

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  • Duelling: Ares is an accomplished duellist


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Ares is canon and the name of the Greek God of War. Kyvern is a variant of the greek word 'kyvernitis' meaning ruler.


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