Courtney Alicia Santos is a seventh year Slytherin and prefect. She is from the Total Drama fandom and her faceclaim is Christian Serratos. 


Early Life 

Courtney was born on April 23 1998.

School Years

In summer of 2009, Courtney received a letter inviting her to attend Hogwarts School. She went, where she got sorted into Slytherin.

Personality and Traits

Courtney is bossy and exemplifies a Slytherin with her resourcefulness and the mentality that the end justifies the means.

Magical Abilities and Skills

Courtney can use magic.

  • Animagus: Courtney is in the midst of studying to become an animagus, and will eventually take the shape of a raccoon.


Tina Kwee

Courtney grew up living just down the street from Tina Kwee, and the two attended the same muggle primary school, where they became friends. Eventually, the duo both received invitations to Hogwarts, and both have continued their friendship into their teenage years.


Courtney means 'short nose', Alicia means 'noble' and Santos means 'little saint'.


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  • Bootleg Cigarettes