Evelyn is the mother of Brenna LeFay.


 Early Life

Things that happened.


Evelyn's marriage to The Good King was arranged well before she graduated from Hogwarts School, and she very much resented the betrothal.

Became a ministry employee. Spelled and transfigured her way up the ministry ladder because she was less well-connected than her rival Eirlys.


After Evelyn Queen and her accomplices were arrested and charged with having

Personality and Traits

Sarcastic AF.

Magical Abilities and Skills

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  • Duelling: Ares is an accomplished duellist


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From Avila, meaning 'desired', as she is sought out as the wife of the good king. Also, because it contains 'Evel', which is quite close to 'Evil'. Mira comes from her alter ego from the Dragon Games film, Mira Shards, who claims to be the daughter of the magic mirror. Queen is canon, and also refers to her role in the canon, as a queen.


  • Evil


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