Hecate Mohana Kyvern (née Morgan) (b. October 22 1970) is a pureblooded witch and the wife of Mercutio Kyvern. She was born into the Morgan family, sister to Name and Name Surname. Mercutio and Hecate have two sons; Pan and Lycus.


Early Life

School Years


Power Struggle

Hecate seeks immortality and is corrupted by Cronus to help him, he seeks to use her alchemy and potioneering skills for his own purposes.

Personality and Traits

Somewhat corruptible. Power goes to her head.

Magical Abilities and Skills

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  • Herbology: Hecate is a very good caretaker of plants.
  • Potioneering: Hecate


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Hecate is canon. Mohana is a sanskirt name meaning 'bewitching or enchanting', which is a suitable name for a goddess of witchcraft. Morgan means 'born of the sea', but it's more commonly known for Morgan le Fay, the famous sorceress of Aurthurian legend. Kyvern is a variant of the greek word 'kyvernitis' meaning ruler.


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